Walk with an architect through fascinating Buenos Aires

The architecture of Buenos Aires is the city’s history. Built by immigrants, Buenos Aires was influenced by the most important architectural schools of the time, however with its own touch, feeling and flavour.

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is an energetic, pulsating and seductive city, alive with the tempo of the tango. Buenos Aires is huge and diverse, a melting point of cultures, habits and patterns bestowed by our ancestors who arrived at our ports and shaped our personalities.

Breaking with the conventional mold of a Latin America capital city, Buenos Aires bursts forth with its own style.

Extraordinary breathtaking buildings, product of a well-defined European heritage, give it a singular personality with different architectural styles such as neo-Gothic, French and Italian, coexisting in perfect harmony with ultra-modern crystal towers.

This a city full of vitality and contrast, with a dauntless personality that can be traced between the modern neighborhoods and the nostalgic barrios. Buenos Aires is cosmopolitan, unique, unequalled, always ready to give its best.
I invite you to ride through Buenos Aires to see its architecture and its suburbs, proof that the city doesn’t give up its character, that of a great metropolis.