Districts of Buenos Aires

Districts of Buenos Aires. The old and the new Buenos Aires.
The city’s neighborhoods, the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires are the spiritual reserve of a city that refused to lose its character, that of a great metropolis. In their streets lived godfathers, prostitutes, football supporters (soccer fans), lovers and tango musicians.


There, where the immigrants left their luggage, looked around and realized they were in a strange world. A new world, sometimes hostile, sometimes friendly, but a world worthy of their hopes and aspirations. La Boca, San Telmo, Caminito Street, story of the Italian immigration. La Boca (the mouth of the river) district was the first harbor of the city on the Riachuelo, an arm of the Río de la Plata. The first immigrants arrived there, it was the entrance to the new world.
The Montserrat District, with its old pubs, cradle of the tango and its stories.

56Old and new architecture live together in Buenos Aires, with its unique collection of classical palaces, embassies, French classicism, art decó, rationalistic architecture of the 30’s, international style and new styles and tendencies.